Disclaimer:  In all of the T.E.A.C.H educational materials, we attempt to also address the health and safety aspects of the kinks covered.  All kink play has risks, and by taking part in these activities you accept those risks and assume responsibility for them.  ONYX cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any accidents or harm that could be encountered during your kink play. Do Your Own Research.  Get Consent.  Be Safe.  Have Fun!

Articles and Demos


DC’s Black Queer Spaces: The Early Days
Capitol Hill Village, 2-25-2022
Featuring Delan Ellington and Gregory Adams

Non-Sexual Kinky Safe Spaces – Why They Matter, Joel & Nordine, 11-29-2021

Scene Negotiations and Consent
Dominion ONYX, 8-2021

Opinion:  Yes to Kink at Pride
Bear World Magazine, Kyle Jackson (Golden Eagle ONYX), 6-4-2021

Opinion:  Bears of Color
Bear World Magazine, Kyle Jackson (Golden Eagle ONYX), 5-5-2021

Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow
Working Towards An Inclusive and Diverse Leather Community With ONYX, Marco Hohl, 2-3-2021

Recon News, Danny Thanh Nguyen (ByronicPunk), 1-15-21

New Year? New Kink!
Recon News, Lynx ONYX, 1-8-2021

Get Up, Get Out & Do Something!
Recon News, Lynx ONYX, 11-30-2020

28 Types of Kinky Sex Toys, Gabrielle Kasseli, 6-16-2020

Brothers In Leather:  The Men of ONYX, 1-17-2019

BDSM Pro ‘Orpheus Black’ Breaks Down Who’s Kinky Enough to Roll with This Fetish, Chelsea A. Hamlet, 4-5-2018

35 Dos and DON’Ts of a Gay Leather Bar, Alexander Cheves, 11-9-2017

Khalid El Bey (SelfLaw ONYX): Educator, Activist…Wearer of the Crown, 2016

Kink and the Leather Community – Khalid El Bey (SelfLaw ONYX)
M3 Bear Essentials, 6-5-2016

Human Sexuality

Sex & Gender, Intersex and Gender Roles / Stereotypes

64 Terms That Describe Gender Identity and Expression, Mere Abrams, 12-20-2019

Range of Gender Identities, 6-20-2019


What Does It Mean to be Bi or Bisexual?, Maisha Johnson, 1-29-2018

What’s the Real Difference between Bi- and Pansexual?, Zachary Zane, 6-29-2018

Is Being Bisexual the Same Thing as Being Pansexual?, Sian Ferguson, 9-17-2019


Consent 101 – An Introduction
Kaleidoscope ONYX, 7-2020

Consensual Kink 101:  The Difference Between BDSM and Abuse, Lux Alptraum, 5-9-2018

Caring For Your Leather and Rubber

Building and Caring for a Leather Wardrobe
SteeleToe The Bootblack, 9-25-2021

SteeleToe the Bootblack is the 2020/2021 Northeast Bootblack. He is passionate about strengthening the leather community and does so through fundraising, volunteering, and education.

SteeleToe is a member and former VP and President of the NY/Northeast chapter of ONYX.  He is also a member of the Leather Heart Foundation’s Soles with Heart program, where bootblacks collect, restore, and sell leather to support the Leather Heart Foundation’s activities.

Cleaning Your Rubber Wear

MacPack Featuring K9 ONYX, 3-28-2021

(Check Out the Other Amazing MacPack Videos)


Race in BDSM and Leather

How Black People Can Explore Sexuality Through BDSM
Tatayannah King, 2-1-2020

Race Issues in BDSM and Leather (An Interview with Dominion ONYX)
Alt Sex Talk, Master Taino, 2-11-2021


Tops and Bottoms

How to Top:  Our Tips for Becoming a Better, Safer Top in Bed, Matt Baume, 8-3-2020

How to Make Bottoming Easier:  Tips and Tricks for Safe Anal Sex, Matt Baume, 7-27-2020

30 Liquid Assets Every Gay Man Should Know, Alexander Cheves, 5-30-2016

Temperature Play & Hot Wax

Wax Play Hexxx’s Way (Presentation | Notes)
Hexxx (Vara Pearl)

Waxing Philosophic – Temperature Play & Hot Wax
Recon News, Lynx ONYX, 8-24-2020

Wax Play 101 – Introduction to Wax Play
Krome ONYX, 7-2020

Wax Play Demonstration
Lynx ONYX & Kaleidoscope ONYX, 2-2020


Cigar Play

Cigar Play – 101
Papa ONYX, 7-2020

Cock Rings, 2019
Check out the wide selection of items available at The Pleasure Chest.


Old Guard vs New Guard:  Dynamics & Protocol
Dominion ONYX, 4-24-2021

Open Relationships
Recon News, Dan, 12-14-2020

Dominion:  The Game, Part I
Recon News, Dominion ONYX, 11-16-2020

Six Simple Rules For The Novice Submissive
Recon News, Dominion ONYX, 9-14-2020

Six Simple Rules For Your M/s Dynamic
Recon News, Dominion ONYX, 7-24-2020


How To Clean Your Flogger, 4-13-2017


The Erotic Art of Flogging
Orpheus Black, Sanctuary Studios, 5-30-2015

YouTube Channel for Orpheus Black



Skin & Steel:  A Primer to BDSM Knife Play, MrBlk, 4-26-15

What is Knife Play?  Blade Play 101, 7-13-2018

Knife Play Tutorial – Selecting a Knife
Orpheus Black, 3-5-2015

Race Play

Race Play – A Very Polarizing and Controversial Kink
Bear World Magazine, Kyle Jackson (Golden Eagle ONYX), 10-15-2019


Sounding (Urethral Play)

Sounding 101
Self Law ONYX, 2-7-2021


Water Sports – The Golden Opportunity
Recon News, Derrick Otter Starr (ONYX), 9-30-2020

Our Transgender Siblings and Friends – What You Should Know

The Importance of Gender Affirming Care for Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth

ONYXMA Education Event:  Our Transgender Siblings – A Candid Conversation

ONYXMA Transgender Education Primer (Handout from the Education Session)
The education primer was put together by ONYXMA after careful review of public resources and in collaboration / consultation with members from the Transgender Community

Lip Service or Real Support for Transmen – Interview with Jack Thompson, IML 2019
ALT SEX Talk - Interview with Jack Thompson IML 2019ALT SEX TALK, Master Taino (ONYX Mid-Atlantic Associate), 12-9-2020

Complete YouTube Channel:  ALT SEX TALK


Achim Howard – The Transgender Community and AIDS
Surviving Voices, 12-3-2019


100 Easy Ways to Make the World Better for Trans People, Kai Isaiah-Jamal, 10-8-2018

A Beginner’s Guide to Being an Ally to Trans People
GLADD, Ted Revago, 11-7-2017

Trans 101 – The Basics (Gender Diversity Crash Course)
Minus18,, 3-30-2017


11 Ways To Be A Great Trans*Ally
JR Thorpe, 4-24-2015

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Definitions

Violence Against the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Community in 2020

Financial Management
Guide to LGBT Finances:  You can live a richer life
Members of the LGBTQ+ community have made strides towards equality but still experience unique obstacles in the personal finance space. According to a survey, 27% of LGBTQ+ Americans have an employer-sponsored retirement account such as a 401(k) when compared with 41% of non-LGBTQ+ respondents. This guide to helps LGBTQ+ Americans prepare for the financial future properly by providing expert advice on five key areas, including credit card debt, insurance, and retirement planning.  (Click on the yellow links in the pdf to open other related documents).
Financial Assistance Resources for Individuals With HIV/AIDS
Quality of life for individuals with HIV/AIDS may hinge on access to the medication and healthcare needed to curb infection and maintain health. There are resources available to financially assist or create access for individuals with HIV/AIDS to receive the treatment they require to live their life to the greatest potential.  Check it out!

Physical, Mental, Emotional and Sexual Health

Trauma & The LGBT Community: An In-Depth Look
Many people in the community have experienced traumatic events, all related to their sexual orientation, gender presentation, and gender identity. Trauma and the LGBT community are nuanced and complex issues that pervade social groups, communities, and countries.  This guide attempts to walk you through the topic to stay informed and updated on this critical issue., 10-2021

Addiction in the LGBTQ Community
The LGBTQ community is heavily impacted by substance abuse for a variety of reasons. Learn more about the dangers of addiction for LGBTQ members.
Compass Recovery, 10-2021

Online Therapy Resources for the LGBTQ+ Community
Online therapy has many benefits for members of the LGBTQ+ community. If you live in a rural area or just can’t find a therapist who understands the challenges facing LGBTQ+ individuals, online therapy makes it easier to access mental health care. Online therapy also allows you to engage in therapy on your terms.
OnlineTherapy, 6-11-2021

HIV and COVID-19 – An Update as of May 2021
HotRod ONYX / Papa ONYX, 5-22-2021

HIV Prevention – Let’s Talk About PEP
CDC, 5-21-2021


HIV Prevention
CDC, 4-7-2021


CDC – PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)
This CDC website answers some of the most common questions about PrEP.

PrEP – Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

CDC, 4-7-2021
Ten Things Gay Men Should Discuss With Their Healthcare Provider

HIV and Health Disparities, 12-3-2020


Take The BDSM Test!  Click on

BDSM is an umbrella term for a variety of (often erotic) practices or roleplaying; it is an acronym representing three components:

BD: Bondage & Discipline (playing with physical restraints, training, punishment, etc.)
DS: Dominance & Submission (playing with obedience, power exchange, service, humility, etc.)
SM: Sadism & Masochism (playing with pain, degradation, fear, etc.)

More often than not, other ‘deviant’ sexual practices are also considered to be part of BDSM.  BDSM is a consensual activity respecting the fundamental rights of every human being involved; this separates it from sexual and domestic abuse.

Periodic Table of Kink (

Periodic Table of Kink


Fisting (sometimes called handballing) is a sexual activity that involves inserting a hand into the vagina or rectum. Once insertion is complete, the fingers either naturally clench into a fist or remain straight. In more vigorous forms of fisting, such as “punching”, a fully clenched fist may be inserted and withdrawn slowly. Fisting may be performed with or without a partner. Below are a few resources for both novices and experts.


First Hand: An Erotic Guide to Fisting

Tim Brough

“First Hand: An Erotic Guide To Fisting” starts with a history from noted Leather historian Jack Fritscher Ph.D. (which reads like a chronology of San Francisco through ’60’s and ’90’s) and ends with a hot piece of fiction from former Drummer magazine contributor and disabled-rights advocate, Michael Agreve. In between covering health with a Doctor and Physical Therapist, club life with two club presidents, the online experience via the webmaster of the RedRightWeb site, a man who recounted his first encounter with footing, and, in the book’s sixth chapter, dozens of brief interviews where the participants related their thoughts about handballing.


Fist Me! The Complete Guide to Fisting

Stephan Niederwieser

Fisting is one of the extreme sports of gay sex. There’s no doubt that it can bring previously unknown satisfaction to those who practice it. From advice about how to wash thoroughly to tips about the right lube to use useful relaxation techniques and even a guide to the dark labyrinth inside the body. Sex expert Stephan Niederwieser covers everything you need to know about this ultimate path to sexual pleasure.

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