POC Titleholders

For People of Color (POC), the Leather and Kink community has not always been easily been accessible and welcoming.  While that has begun to change in many ways, and we certainly value our allies across the entire LGBTQ+ community, it’s important to examine our rich history.  One aspect of this history can be found in our representation in Leather and Kink titleholders.

The list below highlights POC titleholders throughout the years.  As this list is ever expanding, if you know of a POC we inadvertently omitted please email the relevant information to papa.onyxma@gmail.com so it may be included in our historical record.

POC Leather and Kink Titleholders

Title YrTitleholder NameTitle
1981Rachael WilliamsMs. Leather 1981
1981Ray PereaInternational Mr. Drummer 1981
1984Ron MooreMr. Colorado Leather 1984
1984Ron MooreIML 1984
1987Judy Tallwing McCartheyInternational Ms. Leather 1987
1991D. CannonMr. CC (of Palm Springs)
1991D. CannonIML 1991
1991Jose Alberto UclesAmerican Leatherman 1991
1992Jose Alberto UclesAmerican Leatherman 1992
1993Graylin ThorntonInternational Mr. Drummer 1993
1993Jimmy Lee Murray (stepped down)Mr. Ebony Leather 1993
1993Omar MoselyMr. Ebony Leather 1993
1993Queen CougarMs. SF Leather 1993
1994Jimmy Lee MurrayMr. Cheeks & Chaps International 1994
1994Victor MadigeAmerican Leatherman 1994
1995Omar Mosely Mr. Cheeks & Chaps International 1995
1996Jill CarterInternational Ms. Leather 1996
1996Jim ElisonMr. Indiana Leather 1996
1996Stacey ThomasMs. NLA Leather 1996
1997Ariq JohnsonMr. Fantasy Leather 1997
1997Davian O. NelsonMr. Ebony Leather 1997
1997Genelle MooreInternational Ms. Leather 1997
1997Patrick RichardsonInternational Mr. Deaf Leather 1997
1998Andre J. MarcialMr. Ebony Leather 1998
1998Mufasa Ali ONYXMr. ONYX Leather 1998
1999Ariq RobinsonMr. Ebony Leather 1999
2000Rick MorrisMr. Ebony Leather 2000
2000Sir Alexander Satorie-RobinsonMr. DC Drummer 2000
2001Cynobia Demps (Black X)International Ms. Deaf Leather 2001
2001Hilary Napoleone-WilliamsMr. Ebony Leather 2001
2001Mark GreeneInternational Drummerboy 2001
2001PaksenMr. IMrBB 2001
2002Jose GuiterrezInternational Leatherboy
2002Russ CosgroveInternational Ms. Leather 2002
2002Tobin BrittonAmerican Leatherwoman 2002
2002Vince EddMr. Ebony Leather 2002
2002William "Bam" ColemanInternational Mr. Deaf Leather 2002
2003Goddess LakshimiMs. World Leather 2003
2003Mike RussellInternational LeatherSIR
2003Peter MitchellMr. Ebony Leather 2003
2004Ivan ReyesInternational Leatherboy 2004
2004Jerel CooperMr. NJ Leather 2004
2004Special K ONYXMr. Black National 2004
2005Dexter EdmondInternational LeatherSIR 2005
2005Jeff WilloughbyMr. Chicago Leather 2005
2005John Tatum (Havoc ONYX)Leatherman of Color 2005
2005Kwame "Blackkat" BanksAmerican Leatherman 2005
2006Alesha Raven De FuryInternational Ms. Olympus Leather 2006
2006Bennett LongMr. DC Eagle 2006
2006Joey Boynton (Legionnaire ONYX)Leatherman of Color 2006
2006Mufasa Ali ONYXMr. World Leather 2006
2006Terrell BrownInternational Mr. Olympus Leather 2006
2007Doc Hoskins Jr. (ONYX)Leatherman of Color 2007
2007Ms. VIMsLBB 2007
2008Doc Hoskins Jr. (ONYX)Leatherman of Color 2008
2008LamalaniWashington State Ms. Leather 2008
2008QIMsLBB 2008
2008Special K ONYXMr. DC Black Pride 2008
2009LamalaniInternational Ms. Leather 2009
2009Mollena WilliamsMs. SF Leather 2009
2010J. Lee FennellLeatherman of Color 2010
2010Justin Terry-Smith (ONYX Fire)Mr. Maryland Leather 2010
2010Louie Pacheco SaenzAmerican Leatherman 2010
2010Master Obsidian and save namasteInternational Master and slave 2010
2010Master Obsidian and save namasteSouthwest Master and Slave 2010
2010Mollena WilliamsInternational Ms. Leather 2010
2011Eric GuittierezIML 2011
2011Quiet Storm ONYXMr. PW Leather 2011
2011Rod McCoy (HotRod ONYX)Leatherman of Color 2011
2011Trinity ThomasAmerican Leatherwoman 2002
2011Sara VibesInternational Ms. Leather 2011
2011Sir Kira MorganneInternational Ms. Olympus Leather 2011
2011Val SherrillInternational Ms. Deaf Leather 2011
2011Tyler FongAmerican Leatherboy 2011
2012Peter HamiltonLeatherman of Color 2012
2013Egypt BuckLeatherman of Color 2013
2013Sir Guy SandersInternational Power Exchange 2013
2014J. Tebias PerryMr. Hideaway 2014
2014J. Tebias PerryMr. Southern Coastal States Leather 2014
2014Sir Cee Jay ONYXMr. NYC Eagle 2014
2014Ramien Pierre ONYXMr. DC Eagle 2014
2014Ramien Pierre ONYXIML 2014
2014Sir RaymondMr. Southeast Leatherfest (SELF) 2014
2014Scout the BootblackMr. IMrBB 2014
2014Spec Black (ONYX)Mr. American Rubber 2014
2014Trell WaltersMr. CT Bear 2014
2015boy pup MaxAmerican Leatherboy 2015
2015Doc Hoskins Jr. (ONYX)Drummer North America 2015
2015Joel RoyalMr. Long Beach Leather 2015
2015John Punki (Punki ONYX)Mr. RockBear NYC 2015
2015Mike Revis (Monolith ONYX)Mr. Northeast Ohio Bear 2015
2015Trell WaltersMr. North American Daddy Bear 2015
2016Ali MushtaqMr. Long Beach Leather 2016
2016Danny Kaylor-HawkinsMr. DC Eagle 2016
2016Girl ComplexMs. Alameda County Leather 2016
2016Harry KongMr. SF Eagle Leather 2016
2016Jerrial YoungMr. Bearhunt Wet Underwear 2016
2016Jerrial YoungMr. Convergence Chaser 2016
2016Jerrial YoungMr. IBB Cub 2016
2016Kippy MarksMr. Friendly SF 2016
2016Lucky RebelMr. Oregon State Leather 2016
2016Orpheus Black & Indigo BlackSouthwest Master and Slave 2016
2016Q Darkqwolf (Ellis-Lee)Mr. NYC Eagle 2016
2016Rodney Braddock (Daddy Rod ONYX)Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2016
2016Preston "Wex" SoMr. New England Rubber 2016
2016Randal ZotigMr. Route 66 Leather 2016
2016Self Law ONYXLeatherman of Color 2016
2016Sir Eli Ra (Opulance ONYX)Mr. Maryland Leather 2016
2016Sir Ivan NunezGreat Lakes Leather Sir 2016
2016Sir Ivan NunezInternational LeatherSir 2016
2016SladeMr. Fetish Jackhammer 2016
2016Tim GoodmanMr. Louisiana Leather 2016
2017CocoSELF Bootblack 2017
2017Dino GarciaMr. California Leather 2017
2017Dorian GrayMr. Tri-State Leather 2017
2017Edward BrooksMr. Northwoods Leather 2017
2017Girl ComplexInternational Ms. Leather 2017
2017Grey Owl ONYXMr. DC Eagle 2017
2017Jackie ThompsonMs. American Leatherwoman 2017
2017James Lee (ONYX)Mr. Crossings Lexington Leather 2017
2017James Lee (ONYX)Mr. Kentucky Leather 2017
2017Jerimyh JacksonMr. Long Beach Leather 2017
2017Jerrial YoungMr. TBRU Cub 2017
2017John Punki (Punki ONYX)Mr. NYC Eagle 2017
2017Kai Anderson (Deep Stealth ONYX)Leatherman of Color 2017
2017Ken "Big" JohnsonMr. Alamo City Leather 2017
2017Marialuisa Garcia (Velvet-Storm)Ms. NJ Leather 2017
2017Martel Brown Jr.Mr. MAL 2017
2017Mike Revis (Monolith ONYX)Mr. Cleveland Bear 2017
2017Paul "Encyclopedia Brown" BerryMr. SECC Leather 2017
2017Petroski Marks (MD Unbreakable ONYX)Mr. Houston Leather 2018
2017Preston "Wex" SoMr. International Rubber MIR 20
2017Ramon "Porkchop" SpurlockMr. Cincinnati Leather 2017
2017Randy BoydMr. Leatherman Toronto 2017
2017Rod McCoy (HotRod ONYX)American Leatherman 2017
2017Ryan Carpenter-GarnerMr. IMrBB 2017
2017Sir-Cipactli Auxilium ONYXMr. Illinois Bear 2017
2017Sucia ONYXMr. Faultline Leather 2017
2017Trell WaltersAltantic States Leatherboy 2017
2017TrinityAmerican Leatherwoman 2017
2017Zero ONYXMr. Philadelphia Fetish 2017
2018AJ GaultMr. Missouri Leather 2018
2018Bill BaughMr. Iowa Leather 2018
2018Cataclysm Heterodox ONYXMr. Campit 2018
2018Choc TreiMs. Southeast Leather 2018
2018Daddy BMr. Fetish Jackhammer 2018
2018Dax VolpeLeatherman of Color 2018
2018Elimination (ONYX)Mr. Ramrod 2018
2018Emmett Pope (Esoteric Wolf ONYX)Mr. Crossings Leather 2018
2018Emmett Pope (Esoteric Wolf ONYX)Mr. Kentucky Leather 2018
2018Gerard Turner (Renai ONYX)Mr. MAL 2018
2018iamar KinhawkInternational Person of Leather 2018
2018iamar KinhawkSoutheast Person of Leather 2018
2018Idris Dior (ONYX)Mr. North Carolina Leather 2019
2018James Lee (ONYX)IML 2018
2018James StewartMr. CMEN Leather 2018
2018Kenny KeawekaneMr. North American Bear 2018
2018Lucky Ordaz (Rebel ONYX)Mr. IMrBB 2018
2018Luis RamosMr. Faultline Leather 2018
2018Mister Blue & blue frostInternational Master & slave 2018
2018Mike Revis (Monolith ONYX)Mr. North American Muscle Bear 2018
2018Oshun Diazz ONYXMs. World Bear 2018
2018Pup Yoshi ONYXMr. Eagle 562 Leather 2018
2018Rai GuerraAmerican Leatherman 2018
2018Rai GuerraMr. NJ Leather 2018
2018Randal ZotigMr. Great Plains Olympus Leather 2018
2018Sir BradfordMr. Self 2018
2018Sir-Cipactli Auxilium ONYXMr. North American Daddy Bear 2018
2018Taz EfeekMr. SoCAL Leather 2018
2018Terren Auxilium ONYXMr. Illinois Bear 2018
2018Xcentric KnightMr. Argos Leather 2018
2019AJ HuffMr. Powerhouse Leather 2019
2019AJ IronManMr. Bulge 2019
2019Ali LopezInternational Mr. Leather Bear 2019
2019Aric Wilson (Puck ONYX)Mr. SoCAL Leather 2019
2019Bill BaughCentral Plains Leather Sir 2019
2019Blade ONYXMr. Ramrod 2019
2019Buddha ONYXMr. Unlimited Bear 2019
2019Buddha ONYXMr. New York Unlimited Bear 2019
2019David Hardy (boy David)Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2019
2019Eric De LeonMr. L.A. Leather Bear 2019
2019Francisco "Navy Cub" PeralesMr. Sanctuary Leather 2019
2019iamar KinhawkInternational Person of Leather 2019
2019Idris Dior ONYXSoutheast Leather Person of Leather 2019
2019Iron Wolf ONYXMr. Fetish Jackhammer 2019
2019Jack Thompson (Exile ONYX)Leatherman of Color 2019
2019Jack Thompson (Exile ONYX)IML 2019
2019James TaylorMr. Indiana Leather 2019
2019Kaprese AndreMr. Texas Leather 2019
2019Lynx ONYXMr. NJ Leather 2019
2019Manny OjedaMr. SF Eagle Leather 2019
2019Marialuisa Garcia (Velvet-Storm)Leatherwoman of Color 2019
2019Marvin Ingram "Bear Marvin" ONYXNew Mexico Leather Bear 2019
2019Myles RamosMr. San Diego Eagle 2019
2019Odyssey Heterodox ONYXMichigan Cub Expo 2019
2019Pepa MahoganyMister Key West Bear 2019
2019Randal ZotigMr. International Olympus Leather 2019
2019Saber ONYXMr. Chicago Leather 2019
2019S'ango ONYXNortheast Person of Leather 2019
2019Sir-Buddha ONYXMr. Unlimited Bear 2019
2019Victor AlayaSanctuary Pup 2019
2019WrathDaddyHeartland Person of Leather 2019
2019Xander WalkerMr. Boston Bear 2019
2019Xcentric KnightMr. Tri-State Leather 2019
2020AJ HuffMr. Rubber SF 2020
2020Apolonio E. Munoz IIIMr. Sanctuary Leather 2020
2020Ashley "Ash" ScottMr. Twin Cities Leather 2020-2021
2020Bianca SpencerMs. Rubber SF 2020
2020Blade ONYXMr. Ramrod 2020
2020boy LincolnSeattle Daddy's Boy 2020
2020Butch Romero ONYXMr. Chicago Leather 2020
2020C. Lee HillLeatherman of Color 2020
2020Donnie Bell (SirPup Eros)Mr. Northeast Leatherman 2020-21
2020Jaime PapiChulo AlanizMr. Indiana Leather 2020
2020JessieSF Bootblack 2020
2020Ms. VMs. Powerhouse Leather 2020
2020Mx SymphoneeMs. DC Eagle 2020
2020Odyssey Heterodox (ONYX)Mr. North American Cub 2020
2020Pupkenzo (Kenzo ONYX)Northeast Puppy 2020
2020Queen AnaalogosMs. Sanctuary Leather 2020
2020Reem "Pervette" WheelerMid Atlantic Leather Woman 2020
2020Romyn LeMuerte (ONYX Associate)Mr. SoCAL Leather 2020
2020Sir Oya RaMr. Maryland Leather 2020
2020Spirit ONYXMr. FL Rubber 2020
2020SteeleToe Scrivener ONYXNortheast Bootblack 2020
2020Tiger ONYXMr. Michigan Leather 2020
2020Trey ONYXMr. SF Leather 2020
2021SteeleToe Scrivener (ONYX)Northeast Bootblack 2021
2022Andre WardMr. Tool Shed 2022
2022Andre WardMr. Palm Springs Leather 2022
2022Buddha (ONYX)Mr. World Bear 2022
2022Don ChildsMr. Ohio Leather 2022
2022Euphonius (ONYX)Mr. Hidden Door 2022
2022Kenzo (ONYX)Mr. Eagle NYC 2022
2022Den GregVirginia Bear Hunter 2022
2022Kenzo (ONYX)Mr. Eagle NYC 2022
2022Khal (ONYX)Mr. Northeast Leather 2022
2022Mack HendersonMr. Classic Leather 2022
2022Marcuis Warren-Martin IIIVirginia Bear 2022
2022Pusckatt Pumera ONYXMr. Florida Rubber 2022
2022Semian Silas ArquetteVirginia Cub 2022
2022Ulysses Thompson CuirMr. New England Leather 2022
2022VinceMr. Cincinnati Leather 2022
2022UlyssesMr. New England Leather 2022
2022Willie TradesmanMr. NC Triangle Leather 2022
2023Conciliator ONYX (Trell Walters)Mr. Connecticut Leather 2023
2023Iron Wolf ONYXLeatherman of Color 2023
2023Jay Phoenix ONYXMichigan Leather Pride SIR 2023
2023Lord ThunderKnightMr. Mayhem Leather Bear 2023
2023Lash (Bear Marvin) ONYXNew Mexico Corazon Leather 2023
2023Obelisk ONYXMr. WI Leather Cub 2022-2023
2023Derrick Otter StarrMr. Feddies Zodiac 2023
2023Paribe MeyerMr. Louisiana Leather 2023
2023Pup Archie the Alpha ScenthoudMr. Uproar 2023
2023Phobos ONYXLeatherman of Color 2023
2023Pusckatt Pumera ONYXMr. International Rubber (MIR 26)
2023Sub Zero ONYXMr. Illinois Bear 2023
2023ZodiaQNortheast Person of Leather 2023
2024AJ HuffMr. International Rubber (MIR 27)
2024Counselor Ochumare ONYXMr. Classic Leather 2024
2024Jace The Caveat ONYXNortheast Person of Leather 2024
2024JOAT JackofallTrades ONYXMr. Argos Leather 2024
2024Pup Yoshi ONYXMr. Fetish SoCal 2024

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