An ONYX Table Talk (Part 4): BLM - Colorism & Optics

An ONYX Table Talk (Part 4): BLM - Colorism & Optics

November 14, 2020

This virtual session will be Part 3 in our series on BLM and how it ties in and impacts the POC Leather and Kink Community.

Join us November 14 at 4pm as The Men of ONYX Mid-Atlantic invite you to our Virtual Town Hall discussing the Black Lives Matter movement as it relates to the Leather Community. This session will be: BLM - Colorism & Optics. This Town Hall on Saturday, November 14, 2020 will run from 4 - 6:15pm (EST), during which we will look to explore the issues surrounding Colorism, Preference, Type and Optics of Black and Brown People by Black and Brown People within the Leather Community.  If All Black Lives Matter, why is there distinction and singling out among various characteristics, such as:
Light Skin/Dark Skin People, Femme/Transgender/Non-Binary People and Large Build People. We will also examine the Black Church and its role in identity politics of the LGBTQ+ community.

Our list of panelists include LeatherFolk from throughout the community and will be announced soon.

This public Town Hall will be facilitated by ONYX Mid-Atlantic’s Lynx.

ASL Interpretation Services will be provided during this event.

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